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Darim Tweedle aka "Dam" ( the Villain Prince) New character of IkeRev~ a senior magician and is powerful. Often associated with Dean but denies any ...
Kisumiiiiiiiiii Shiginoooo!
Akira persona5
Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. Sup. Im Leroy...but I only answer to Z. My parents left me when I was really young...guess they had more important things to ...
ADOPTED!! Toby, very quiet and bored like every second....Spends his days walking and daydreaming, adopt?
̗̀ @bagmilk ̖́-
Soren, except he would never smoke a cigarette, only cigars.
Zakuro【Yuugen Romantica】
2018 Q1 50p Scarcity Index 994x1024 - How scarce are your coins? Here's our latest