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I hope Lucifer is back in season 9 and this is how he convinces Sam
Sam as Lucifer Vessel | hope Lucifer is back in season 9 and this is how he convinces Sam to .
Lucifer and Sam 503
'Supernatural' Recap: Season 11 Finale, Episode 23 — Sam Shot, Mary Returns | TVLine
Sam says Yes to Lucifer
'Supernatural' Recap: Season 13 Finale — Jensen Ackles' New Character | TVLine
Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Legends, Walking Dead, Lucifer, Supernatural, NCIS, Once, Code Black, H50 and More
Supernatural Season 9.jpg
Sam and Castiel
Supernatural Season 5.jpg
Supernatural Season 6.jpg
Dean and Castiel
'Supernatural' Boss: Season 13 Winchesters 'Most Alone' They've Been – Variety
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Lucifer Renewed Netflix Season 4
Here's everything you need to know about Supernatural Season 14.
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Launch Gallery
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (left) and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester (right)
Supernatural Season 8.jpg
'Supernatural': Sam Trapped in Hell With Lucifer — Season 11 Fall Finale Recap | TVLine
Sam Winchester
Supernatural Recap
Supernatural Season 4.jpg
Dean Winchester
Supernatural EP Teases Dean's Return Home, Nixes Possession Theories
'Supernatural' Recap: Season 14, Episode 9 — Dean Is [Spoiler] | TVLine
'Lucifer' Season 4: How Will Chloe React to Seeing Devil Face? | TVLine
Sam even deduced that Jack had a part in bringing Castiel back before he embraces Castiel after confirming that his friend has truly returned.
Lucifer Recap Series Finale
Supernatural Recap
Supernatural Season 9 Recap
Could Jack Still Follow Lucifer's Path? 'Supernatural' Star Alexander Calvert Weighs In
the walking dead season 9 episode 9 recap alpha lydia rosita pregnant
The Born-Again Identity
With Season 13 of “Supernatural” at our doorstep, Variety looks back at all
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Supernatural Recap
Bobby Singer
Mary Winchester
'Lucifer' Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 — Sinnerman Traps Lucifer | TVLine
Been meaning to catch up with Sam and Dean Winchester, but just haven't found the time? Our Supernatural tips for beginners may help.
Lucifer tells Sam that he is his true vessel.
Sam Winchester
''Abandon All Hope''
Sam consents to being Lucifer's vessel.
Supernatural Recap
15 Hilarious Supernatural Fanfics That You Probably Have Never Ever Heard Of
'Lucifer' Season 4: The Full Episode List for Netflix's Revival
NCIS LA Kensi Deeks Engaged
Lucifer's true vessel is Sam Winchester.
Garth fills the guys in on Michael's plan to have his monster army attack the entirety of Kansas City, Missouri, on Christmas. While Dean and Cas go after ...
Everything We Know About 'Lucifer' Season 4 on Netflix So Far
Sam Winchester
Pagan Gods in Season 3's “A Very Supernatural Christmas”
Supernatural Recap
'Lucifer' Star Hints at Season 4 Premiere Date on Netflix
A framed Christmas family portrait. The father, mother, and two sons are wearing
... Teeth,” was a solid, if somewhat unremarkable, MOTW episode involving a twist on the werewolf myth and the return of Dean and Sam's hunter friend Garth.
Castiel's 5 Biggest Moments in Season 13 of 'Supernatural'
Lucifer back as hallucation
Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Psych, Lucifer, Originals, Bold Type, Suits, Handmaid's, Younger, Casual, Killjoys and More!
Lucifer overpowers Rowena
Supernatural Season 1-13 The Road So Far (Carry On Wayward Son)
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Amelia, Sam and Riot.
Jensen Ackles (left) and Jared Padalecki (right) portray the series' main characters.
Promo Pic 5-10 Abandon All Hope.jpg
Lucifer's eyes glow gold after taking Jack's grace for himself.
Sam is severely tormented by his hallucination of Lucifer. (The Born-Again Identity)
Lucifer cancelled: Why was Lucifer cancelled? Can it be saved?
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'Supernatural' Season 14, Episode 7 Recap: “Unhuman Nature”