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Gone Home || Sam x Lonnie
SF Codes
Sam, marry this girl immediately.
I just finished “Gone Home” and I had to laugh very hard about this note. The people who made this game knew exactly that the people who play it would turn ...
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Opinion: Finding someone like me in Gone Home
Gone Home Sam + Lonnie
Steam Community :: Guide :: Walktrough and Combinations for locked things
2. Greeting us is a locked door with a cryptic note on it, from
Gameplay — Gone Home
Figure 8: Sam's note to Katie on the front door at the beginning of the game .
Gone Home - Katie inspects Sam's Heavens to Betsey tape
Unfortunately, you can't read the feature on Soul Asylum.
Examining a picture by Sam's sleeping bag, we get some very relieving news
Grabbing this note from Sam's backpack in the close in the first floor west
Gone Home Winning Game Of the Year is Like Twilight Winning The Pulitzer Prize | Trace Memory | Dear Esther | Three Fourths Home | Gone Home
Sam and Lonnie discuss pulp fiction.
Go up the stairs to the second floor and go right. Keep following it until you find the attic.
If you really want to, you can make the house a complete mess (and then presumably blame it on your sister). Or you can build a shrine out of soda cans and ...
20. At the end of the hall, we find that the door to the
A sign gives an explanation: the attic houses Sam's darkroom, and we
None of these characters are as developed as they should be
Chloe Price from Life is Strange, and Lonnie DeSoto from Gone Home | Life Is Strange | Life Is Strange, Life is strange 3, Manga art
'Gone Home' Is the Best Romance Video Games Can Offer - PopMatters
GONE HOME - Part 2 - Nintendo Switch Gameplay
none of these numbers are gazebo numbers.
37. The last room to hit up on the second floor is the sewing room
It's superficially a congratulation. It's realistically a knife in the ribs from a man who doesn't care about his son's feelings or personality, ...
Gone Home: A Tale Of Two Dads
Samantha and Lonnie - ("Gone Home")
Gone Home Walkthrough, Whisper and Soft Spoken (Binaural, HD)
Terrence and Oscar: The Gone Home Story No One Talks About
It isn't covered much in the media today but Terry was molested by the uncle that used to live in this house, so being there all the time must not have been ...
Someone on the Steam community hub built this little shrine to Sam and Lonnie's love. Every item there is meaningful and has a story attached to it.
53. In this final corner of the greenhouse, pretty much the furthest spot there
Gone Home - Sam's bedroom
Tucked beneath the door of the guest room is a note from Sam,
30. In the bathroom, a jump scare: is that blood splattered on the
After “Gone Home”: Exploring the Fate of Two LGBT Runaways
Go back to the foyer and open the secret passage to find the key for the attic.
... but allow them to fill in the missing parts, they become part of the process. They fill in with their own knowledge, they personalize and customize it, ...
Daily Gamer Drawing Challenge, Day Twenty-Six: Gone Home
Over at Sam's bed, a nice moment that reinforces that even though this
“Oh wait it's not's a horror game?”
Apparently Sam applied to, and got into, that Reed College summer program
Lonnie DeSoto from Gone Home
If you try to enter the house, you will notice the door is locked. Open the little cabinet on the left side of the porch and find the key underneath the ...
For Amusement Only: the life and death of the American arcade
Inside, a photo of Lonnie, with her dyed red hair, and
Short games aren't always a bad thing especially if they have a lot of replay value, but once you've beaten Gone Home once (whether or not you've found all ...
54. … where we find the remnants of a séance held by Sam and Lonnie
Mature and emotionally detached “le sir” posting a scathing critique of a non-game that offends him by it's mere existence.
Terrence and Oscar: The Gone Home Story No One Talks About
There is a reverence in Gone Home that is quite striking. A sincere and vulnerable love for the scraps of pop culture that shaped a generation.
Sam's room was basically the inspiration for this guide. The sheer density of references and homages here practically demands analysis.
I have to assume the Fullbright team had a lot of fun deciding what movies and TV shows to slip in the game. Just going through them gave me some massive ...
Screenshot from Gone Home: The Zine-Making Room.
There's a suggestion, near the end of the game, that Terry and his ridiculous novels are redeemed, rediscovered. We don't see the outcome, but we do see a ...
stills from Gone Home (x)
Screenshot from Gone Home: Zine and Zine-Making Tools.
11 Video Games That Resulted in Major Lawsuits
Gone Home - the first room
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Through her journal entries and my exploration, I discovered that Katie's family moved into a new home while she was away in Europe.
Perhaps it's because I didn't have friends growing up that I attached myself so strongly to book characters and, later, video game characters, ...
On the end table next to the couch rests one of the most impressive nights of television ever clipped from a T.V guide. Look at the shows and movies listed ...
Are all Video Games still "Games?"
Terrence and Oscar: The Gone Home Story No One Talks About
ABXeye 40 16 Windows 8 Metro Aicon Pack 13 by HarryBana
Heaven's to Betsy/Deathmobile Ad – A handmade poster to advertise the girl's punkshow. Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of Kate Beaton's " ...
Wait.. is he staring at her butt?
Gone Home (Full Playthrough, No Commentary) (by lolrenaynay). ——————-
Reflections on Gone Home: a conversation with Steve Gaynor - PC feature at Thunderbolt
Figure 7 : Player's map of the Greenbriar house midway through the game.
SNES Games - There are a few SNES games to be found rummaging through Sam's AV stand. While none of them are real, they certainly evoke the spirit of the ...
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photo 1
Screenshot from Gone Home: Letter from Richard.
Gone Home Winning Game Of the Year is Like Twilight Winning The Pulitzer Prize | Trace Memory | Dear Esther | Three Fourths Home | Gone Home
We decided that we didn't want there to be combat and we didn't want there to be any puzzles.
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It's not a choice. “
In fact, the game is mostly concerned with the politics of sexual identity, as you discover your sister has accepted her sexuality and run off with her ...
Mini basketball hoop – True to any 90's sitcom about teenagers, Sam has the requisite mini-hoop attached to the back of her door.
I kind of went back to the roots of the original System Shock and looked at what was there, because the start of that whole lineage of games does not have a ...
Gone Home - Kiss by fortheloveofpizza